Flash Fiction Selected for Wigleaf’s Longlist

I’m stoked to share that Wigleaf, an online journal devoted to flash fiction, has included one of my own stories in their 2016 Top 50 Longlist.

They selected my story “Closed Casket Calling Hours,” which was published in February 2015 by Gravel, an online literary magazine produced by the University of Arkansas at Monticello’s MFA in Creative Writing program. Read an excerpt from the story below.

Closed Casket Calling Hours

I approached the casket to pay my last respects. I was unsettled by the feeling that anyone could have been inside. The undertaker could have switched his body with someone else’s. It wouldn’t have been surprising. He’d messed up already, overlapping our calling hours with someone else’s; he didn’t even realize his mistake until we showed up while the others were still grieving. We stood outside fluctuating between sadness and boredom for an hour, waiting for them to finish sulking so the undertaker could switch the caskets. Maybe it seemed like too much work to do in a matter of minutes and he chose instead to just close the lid on the morning corpse.

Read the full story at Gravel.


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