Fictional Audio Tour of San Francisco

Golden Gate Park









Somewhat recently, I wrote and recorded an audio tour of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park for VoiceMap, a mobile app for immersive, location-aware audio tours and stories. The app features tours and stories by journalist, authors, broadcasters, and artists from 31 cities across the globe, and I’m honored to be among them.

Thanks to the generous and flexible editors at VoiceMap, I had the opportunity to exercise my creativity and write a fun, fantastical, completely fictional tour—I pretend to be a ghost recounting my memories of Golden Gate Park, from my first kiss with a mysterious stranger, to run-ins with mermaids and fairies, to a wedding proposal from a giant.

If you live in the Bay Area or happen to be visiting, I hope you’ll take the tour. If you don’t live around these parts, you can still check out my strange, goofball, nonsensical story by reading the script (which is free) at VoiceMap. Simply click on “The Story” tab in the top left. If you don’t feel like buying the tour but are interested in sampling it, you can preview the first few tracks free of charge.




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